Warrior with a Migraine!

  This morning, I received a request for a session from a woman coping with a migraine.  Fortunately, I was available.  Cranial Sacral and Reiki techniques were used.  The session lasted almost an hour and a half.  After the session, she was able to go home and take a nap.   Prior to the session,Continue reading “Warrior with a Migraine!”

Holding a Space for Healing

Holding a space of unconditional love is important in this line of work.  Some clients struggle and really need to feel safe and supported during the process to allow emotions, experiences, and trauma to surface.   Healing can come in different shapes.  For one person, it can be releasing an old pain and learning to forgive. Continue reading “Holding a Space for Healing”

Let’s Put Suicide on Hold..

If you have been contemplating suicide, I say, “Let’s talk, I am listening.” You are not alone in this world. There are millions of people who have had gone through thinking about suicide when things seem so dark and does not appear there is an end to this dark time of despair. There are peopleContinue reading “Let’s Put Suicide on Hold..”

Why Put Off Your Personal Needs?

*Do you take care of others while putting off your own goals or needs? *Do you feel you have no time for yourself? *Do you feel lost about what you want? *Do you feel financially strapped? *Do you feel resentment towards others? *Do you criticize yourself? *Do you criticize others? Are you dissatisfied with yourContinue reading “Why Put Off Your Personal Needs?”

Creating and Manifesting Your Dreams!

* Are you ready for change: * Are you feeling stuck? * Are you dissatisfied in your job or relationship? * What negative patterns keep repeating in your life?Reach out for a spiritual evaluation and counseling session by emailing healingpathforyou@outlook.com

Past Life Experiences

As a young adult, I became aware of different topics through a catalog.  This catalog showcased books on a whole new array of topics I was not familiar with.  This is when I opened my mind to reading topics covering alternative energy work, psychic phenomena, and the concept of living many lives.  This was totallyContinue reading “Past Life Experiences”

Facing a Diagnosis Your Doctor Gives

In this world, we have health and wellness as well as disease and illness.  If you are at a point in your life in which you are told you do not have much time to live.  Or you are told there is nothing they can provide other than prescriptions to manage your pain.  What optionsContinue reading “Facing a Diagnosis Your Doctor Gives”

What Do I See?

After several attempts at blogging, I felt compelled to share what I perceive with my third eye during a Cranial Sacral or Reiki session.  Prior to each session, I take the time to ground and meditate in preparation of providing a healing session.  It works the same whether I work on an individual in personContinue reading “What Do I See?”

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