Holding a Space for Healing

Holding a space of unconditional love is important in this line of work.  Some clients struggle and really need to feel safe and supported during the process to allow emotions, experiences, and trauma to surface.   Healing can come in different shapes.  For one person, it can be releasing an old pain and learning to forgive. Continue reading “Holding a Space for Healing”

Oil Lamp Message

During one particular session, a woman I shall call Mrs. D., was working through memories and experiences of loneliness from her childhood.  I followed the guided images and directions on where to lay my hands.  I trust these pictures given to me, for it leads me to helping Mrs. D. to receive vibrational energy.  SheContinue reading “Oil Lamp Message”

Can Remote Therapy Sessions Reduce Pain and Symptoms?

You might wonder whether or not getting Reiki or Cranial Sacral Therapy can be beneficial during a remote session using the telephone or Zoom.  My mind wondered how could this work.  During my studies and training, we conducted sessions remotely and found it just as beneficial.  All it takes is for me to relax, groundContinue reading “Can Remote Therapy Sessions Reduce Pain and Symptoms?”

Tell Her She Will Be Okay

Some years ago, I remember doing a group reading of an individual during clairvoyant training.  Part of the process is practicing meditation and reading pictures.   One Saturday morning, I was with two other class mates.  We each took turns describing the images we saw with our third eye.   A woman came in forContinue reading “Tell Her She Will Be Okay”

A New Year Brings A New You!

It is a new year with more opportunities to achieve a goal or two. I am so ready to move forward and shedding doubts and fears! Are you ready for change? Are you in need of a spiritual coach to support you on your journey?

Why Put Off Your Personal Needs?

*Do you take care of others while putting off your own goals or needs? *Do you feel you have no time for yourself? *Do you feel lost about what you want? *Do you feel financially strapped? *Do you feel resentment towards others? *Do you criticize yourself? *Do you criticize others? Are you dissatisfied with yourContinue reading “Why Put Off Your Personal Needs?”

Creating and Manifesting Your Dreams!

* Are you ready for change: * Are you feeling stuck? * Are you dissatisfied in your job or relationship? * What negative patterns keep repeating in your life?Reach out for a spiritual evaluation and counseling session by emailing healingpathforyou@outlook.com

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