Flower Garden Meditation Retreat

Meditating and going within to find a space of inner peace is a skill that takes practice.  If you are looking for a visualization meditation that involves flowers in your inner sanctuary, then I suggest trying this.  Before I share what, I have done from time to time, I want you to understand that weContinue reading “Flower Garden Meditation Retreat”

Can Remote Therapy Sessions Reduce Pain and Symptoms?

You might wonder whether or not getting Reiki or Cranial Sacral Therapy can be beneficial during a remote session using the telephone or Zoom.  My mind wondered how could this work.  During my studies and training, we conducted sessions remotely and found it just as beneficial.  All it takes is for me to relax, groundContinue reading “Can Remote Therapy Sessions Reduce Pain and Symptoms?”

Who’s The Boy With The Pool Stick?

Fictional names and locations are being used to protect the privacy of my clients. Miss A. Came to me with curiosity and an open mind.   During the Cranial Sacral Therapy session, an image of a teenage boy with a baseball cap and a pool stick appeared.  I did not know what to make ofContinue reading “Who’s The Boy With The Pool Stick?”

What Do I See?

After several attempts at blogging, I felt compelled to share what I perceive with my third eye during a Cranial Sacral or Reiki session.  Prior to each session, I take the time to ground and meditate in preparation of providing a healing session.  It works the same whether I work on an individual in personContinue reading “What Do I See?”

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