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May 2, 2020

Kim has a true gift. I was diagnosed with severe advanced spinal stenosis and arthritis throughout my entire spine. Several of my cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra Head fused together and pinched major nerves, I also had bone spurs and splinters of bone throughout my spine as well. I was in agonizing pain, was not able to control my legs and was falling quite often. I was on the maximum dosages of painkillers, muscle relaxers And anti-inflammatories. The side effects of these medications were unbearable. I also was getting monthly steroid injections throughout my spine. None of this was helping and it was wearing me down mentally as well as physically. Kim suggested she try a few sessions of remote Cranial Sacral therapy to see if that would help me at all. With the first session alone, I felt 30% better, by the time I had the third session, I had gone off my painkillers and muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories, which took away all the side effects and I had stopped the steroid injections. I still had some of the pain, however, it was quite bearable And I was able to control my legs a little better, I was still falling once in a while but not nearly as often. If you weeks after the last session, my neurosurgeon finally had an MRI done of my lower spine, lumbar area, and discovered it was much worse than he had anticipated it being. He said I definitely needed surgery, a laminectomy and removal of bone spurs and Bone splints. It was a long tedious surgery, I am doing much better now. If it weren’t for Kim I don’t think I could’ve held out until I found a doctor that could see what was wrong. To be able to go off of all that medication and have the pain level be quite bearable was amazing. She truly has a gift and I would Recommend anyone with pain to contact her. She doesn’t even have to touch you… I live in Indiana which is too far from where she is and she did it remotely over the phone, what a gift! Thanks Kim!!

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