Banishing Negative Thinking

What is negative thinking and how does it impact you in your life?  Is it a person with a bad attitude or is it simply a thought process within your mind that actually encourages to not following through with things you like or want to do?  The first and crucial key to banishing negative thinking is to examine your thought process and recognize negative thinking in its simplest form.

Here is a scenario in which Lady wakes up in the morning, plans on going for a walk with her dog, and finish an art sketch.  Lady feels optimistic.  As the day goes on, her thinking changes to, “I will go for a walk later.”  Lady is beginning to experience an internal conflict.  Perhaps it is doubt or fear.   More time goes by and Lady feels she cannot go for a walk.  She is now experiencing negative emotions and beating herself up for not following through with her plans.  She carries this emotion with her for a while. Lady starts on her art sketch, but gets sidetracked by a phone call from someone harping about her own problems.  In the end, Lady does not accomplish two things she lined up for herself which is enjoyable and creative.  She is in a position in which she denied herself two enjoyable recreations.   We do not necessarily know why one backs out of doing enjoyable things.  Perhaps, Lady felt the world is not safe.  So, she does not venture out.  Is this a negative thought keeping her in a frame of mind not serving her own health and wellness?  Perhaps, Lady is afraid she cannot venture out alone for a walk.

Let’s focus on what we can do to work with negative thoughts.  First of all, negative thoughts, fears, doubts, etc. can be reduced or eliminated. When you realize you are caught up in this thought process and feelings, you can take your personal spirit power and declare firmly “Negative thinking, be gone!”  Declare your space is your own and state you will not allow negativity to influence you.  Definitely make this a mantra for yourself.  Encourage this within your family. 

It is important to reach out for help if you do struggle with this.  You can go various ways of reaching out for help.  The choices are yours to make.  Whether you reach out to a counselor and/or reach out to someone like me who can help facilitate you through the process of clearing, charging and rejuvenating your spirit.  Doing this is also an act of self-love to achieve peace of mind and self-confidence.

Spiritual Steps to Health and Wellness

In this lifetime, we can get bogged down with emotional feelings like fear or resentment.  We go to school, go to work, and raise families.  We are in a diverse society in which many good things do exist, but we also experience some negative experiences, as well.  This world can be and is a beautiful place in which you can make choices, taking steps in the right direction to health and wellness.

Here are some things to consider as part of your spiritual path.

  1. Plot your life on paper or on a computer. It can be something like, I want a new career, new degree, or getting well.
  2. Seek out support like counseling, a physician, support groups, recreational activities, meditation, and/or spiritual healing
  3. Work on your inner thoughts.  Journaling can be helpful.  Recognize what triggers your anxiety or anger.
  4. Exercise, walk, jog, or do yoga.  This really helps to loosen up the tension.
  5. Have faith in yourself.  Follow where your heart goes when it comes to picking a religion or a belief system that is positive.  Perhaps, going to church or getting involved in a group that seeks similar goals of fulfillment and enlightenment.
  6. Seek out a holistic practitioner to help you facilitate moving you through a spiritual process which can involves setting goals and discussing issues.  What you share is confidential and a good practitioner will have excellent ethics.
  7. Be consistent in getting spiritual work done at least four or five times.  Each session brings you through whatever issues you need to work on.  Sometimes, the real deep-seated issues come up later.  Ever heard of someone going for counseling with one concern and then eventually other issues come up later?

Follow your heart  treating your spirit is treating your body, mind and heart!

What Do I See?

After several attempts at blogging, I felt compelled to share what I perceive with my third eye during a Cranial Sacral or Reiki session.  Prior to each session, I take the time to ground and meditate in preparation of providing a healing session.  It works the same whether I work on an individual in person or do it remotely.

It usually starts out with receiving an image in my third eye. For example, I see a picture of a hand placed over the client’s left shoulder.  I then proceed to do this action. Another example, I might see a dark shadow or blob on the client’s body, so I am drawn to this particular part of the body.  Then, I proceed to this area.  It took practice and time for me to realize that when I get one image and follow through with it, then another image will come to me showing the next position of my hands on a different part of the body.  I may start with your feet then move to your knee.  Then cradle your head.    This guided imagery is a beautiful blessing from a higher power.  It is an experience for the client and myself.  After completing each session, I find myself at peace knowing I helped a client facilitate healing within their mind and heart.   

Who Is Your Support Team?

Do you have a friend or relative that supports your desire to pursue Reiki or Cranial Sacral Therapy? Are you drawn to it? Perhaps, you have received medical treatment and want something spiritual to compliment your healing process.

Do you feel or even know that when you consider seeking Reiki or Cranial Sacral, that you have a wonderful support team on the other side and on higher planes? I do believe you have your guides, Angels and deceased loved ones who back you up on your path of healing your spirit. Healing your mind. Healing emotional feelings. I believe I have my support team of healing guides, Angels and loved ones who have passed on. I believe that I do not work alone. I believe that when you come to me, we are not alone and truly do have a spiritual support team. It does not matter to me what religion you have or if you do not have a chosen religion. It does not matter what walks of life you come from. What matters to me is to relay that you do have a spiritual support team. You are truly not alone.

When I work on someone, it becomes clear that you have your support team with you. It is beautiful to see this. May you feel peace and love within your heart.

Is Thinking Positive Important?

I had been thinking negatively about myself. Not necessarily saying negative things, but holding unto doubts and a feeling of some blah. Two nights ago, I realized how much I was holding myself in this space. I thought, Kim, you are going to feel better, you are going to feel well. This was before I went to bed. The next morning I did wake up feeling more confident, more well, and more normal. It seems that during this time of the Covid-19 that we are holding a great space to let fear and doubt take root and grow pulling us into that miasm space. I am not denying the virus exists, I am accepting it now and agree that sanitizing and washing hands are important. I think that it is also important to focus on feeling that we can have a strong immune system and that we can get through this. It is important to focus on thinking positive at home, enjoying time with family, working out who is making lunch, who is cleaning up, and who is wiping down counter tops and tables with disinfectant. Smile, think positive, tell jokes, read something funny! I was on the phone and just bubbled up with humor with a consumer. I made her laugh and giggled. It is contagious!

Intro to Spiritual Healing!

I am excited to share with you my new website on the types of services I provide. This is a fascinating field of holistic and spiritual energy work. I intend to share a little bit here and there my thoughts and hope to hear questions and comments who are seeking answers.

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