What Does Your Energy Field Hold?

Let’s start with understanding what is an energy field. If you have heard of aura, then this is what I am referring to. It is the one and the same. If you have never seen one, then you can google image or picture of an aura field. It is not necessarily visible to most people. However, one can learn to see and feel it. This energy field surrounds your entire body and extends out. It can vary on how far it extends out. It could extend out from your body several feet.

Your field consists of layers of different colors and chakras. This space contains your history. This history includes past experiences, good and bad. It can also contain past life experiences.

I can observe your energy field and work with it. My job is to help each person work with past experiences that impact you negatively in your life, now.

Let’s Put Suicide on Hold..

If you have been contemplating suicide, I say, “Let’s talk, I am listening.” You are not alone in this world. There are millions of people who have had gone through thinking about suicide when things seem so dark and does not appear there is an end to this dark time of despair. There are people who can and wil give support. There is hope, love, joy, and laughter to help you through this.

I want you to know that treating your spirit is the key to working through doubt, fear, anguish, anxiety. Just reach out to someone for help. Reach out to a suicide hotline. They are open 24/7. 1 800 273 TALK.

If you or someone you love is considering suicide, do ot be ashamed to reach out for help. Don’t let it silence or stun you into being afraid. Yes, it is shocking to hear words from a loved one that he/she wants to kill himself/herself. Take action to facilitate help, support, and offering a helping hand.

Know there is a variety of ways in. Get in support. Just go with your good instinct and reach out for help.

Why Put Off Your Personal Needs?

*Do you take care of others while putting off your own goals or needs?

*Do you feel you have no time for yourself?

*Do you feel lost about what you want?

*Do you feel financially strapped?

*Do you feel resentment towards others?

*Do you criticize yourself?

*Do you criticize others?

Are you dissatisfied with your current career?

Start your proces getting a spiritual evaluation and begging creating a life that you want!

Creating and Manifesting Your Dreams!

* Are you ready for change:

* Are you feeling stuck?

* Are you dissatisfied in your job or relationship?

* What negative patterns keep repeating in your life?Reach out for a spiritual evaluation and counseling session by emailing healingpathforyou@outlook.com

Why Do We Have Health Issues?

So, here is the million dollar question.. Why do you have a health condition? Perhaps, you have an idea. Have you considered your emotions, thoughts, and feelings that you experienced over time leading up to your health issue? Is it working too much? Do you deny living and following your true dream? Do you judge others? How about judging yourself mentally? Do you eat whatever you want and your body is not what you are comfortable with?

Things to think about. Consider getting treatment for your spirit. Consider getting your spirit back in alignment with your higher self so that you are pursuing or living a life that is right for you.

Receiving spiritual treatment is treating the spirit which then positively brings healing into the mind, the heart and the body. It is important to see that taking charge of your spiritual transformation is very real. Reaching out to a holistic healer is a choice and is separate from the medical model. However, holistic energy work compliments the medical model. Take charge of your health, health issues, and find answers, peace, and a better way to live. Taking charge is part of your healing path.

What Zaps Your Energy and Ways to Change This

Ok, we all know that from time to time, we do get tired and we must rest our body.  After all, naps can do wonders to get your second wind.  So, what does it mean if you are experiencing fatigue frequently and this hinders your day to day living, then it is time to take a look at what is happening?

I think it is important to start paying attention to when your energy feels drained. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to a disease. 

Does it happen around certain people?  Could you be giving your energy and attention to someone else and that person is feeling energized while you feel drained?  If this is the case, then you are experiencing psychic vampirism.  Does that mean the person you are around is a modern-day vampire?  Not likely.  However, if a person is energetically not feeling whole, that person can pull on your energy to feel energetically well.  Psychic vampires do this subconsciously.  This occurs frequently.  Years ago, I was constantly drained after hanging around one person.  I did not understand why I was so drained after each visit with this particular person.  I ran across the topic on psychic vampire and realized what was occurring energetically.  Over time, I reduced my time with this individual and pursued holistic energy work for myself.

Do you focus your thoughts on something negative?  Dwelling on a bad or sad experience is not healthy.  Do you resent or hate someone?  Does this take a lot of your time and energy?

Fortunately, there are ways to changing this by taking steps to address your spiritual needs.  When I say spiritual, I am not referring to religion.  I am referring to your spirit residing in your body.  Let’s consider options you have regarding your spirit, mental, emotional and physical health.  Remember, a healthy spirit means a healthy mind, body and heart. 


Start with a journal and consider this your spiritual health evaluation.


·       Write down when you feel drained and whom you are with

·       Write down your resentments, anger, guilt and hatred

·       Are you self-critical?

·       Are you dwelling on the past?

·       Are you taking care of others?

  • Do you do fun things for yourself?
  • Are you concerned about what others think?
  • Does fear dictate your choices?

Choices you have to improve your spiritual health

  • Consider counseling with a licensed clinical practicing counselor or therapist
  • Consider seeing a physician and getting routine testing
  • Consider seeing a minister, priest, or someone in a religious position
  • Seek a holistic practitioner that works with your energy field
  • Learn meditation and visualization techniques
  • Join a gym, martial arts, yoga, or tai chi
  • Work with art, clay, or something creative
  • Hang around people with positive minds and spirits
  • Join a fun group for support

Past Life Experiences

As a young adult, I became aware of different topics through a catalog.  This catalog showcased books on a whole new array of topics I was not familiar with.  This is when I opened my mind to reading topics covering alternative energy work, psychic phenomena, and the concept of living many lives.  This was totally different from the traditional religion I was involved in as a child growing up.

Later in my life, I took classes and began my training on Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki from two different teachers.  I realized as a young adult, I really wanted to do energy work.  But, did not have the training until the last five years.  I have no regrets taking the steps to do these classes.  It is a process of learning experiences and I never knew what was going to happen.

I recall an unforgettable experience.   This occurred during a Cranial Sacral Therapy class.  I was on the massage table with a fellow class student cradling the back of my head.  This brought me to a place in which I was describing what I saw.  During this recall, I became aware that I was a deaf boy living on the streets.  I grew attached to a beautiful woman who had dedicated her life to helping the sick, dying, and children without family.  It appeared that she was working at a make shift hospital.  Then I became aware of another person, a man speaking with this woman whom I had felt loved by.  When I realized she was leaving to go to another place and not coming back, I cried out with my grief and reexperienced the mournful and sad pain of abandonment.  I lay there on the table, fully conscious and sobbing my eyes out.  The pain and ache in my heart was tremendous. This process brought about reexperiencing a loss that I had not resolved from that past life.  The students and the teacher worked with me to help my heart heal, and feel good about myself.  This experience made me realized that I really struggled with abandonment issues in this life time.

When I work on someone, it is an amazing and beautiful process for that person.  Each person has good and bad experiences in their memories.  These experiences and feelings can and does affect the physical body.  When someone comes in for sessions, we can discuss current issues, concerns, he/she is struggling with.   Sometimes, it is revisiting a childhood pain.  Sometimes, it is revisiting a past life experience that is traumatic.  When a person chooses to come in for Cranial Sacral Therapy and/or Reiki, that person is taking steps to a healing path which brings about empowerment.  It is about letting go of being a victim.

I am grateful for the opportunities to go through this process and bring about a more healthy and happier me. I now enjoy feelings opposite of abandonment.  I enjoy family and friends that love and support me.

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