Releasing False Beliefs

Many people hold beliefs about themselves which are untrue.  Here is a story of an adult woman who experienced sexual assault at age twelve. A boy who was two years older from her neighborhood tricked her into coming into his garage, showed much aggression and anger towards her breasts. Afterwards, she ran home.  Crying, she woke her mother up to tell her what happened.  Sadly, her mother looked at her, said nothing, then rolled over to go back to sleep.  It was never mentioned, again. As an adult, she reached out for holistic energy work.  During some of the sessions, feelings of unimportance and abandonment came up.  Over her life, she came to believe that she is not important and expected abandonment. Also, she released the belief system that her breasts are bad and the sexual assault was her fault. During the holistic sessions, she expressed it as a 12-year-old child.  It was a powerful experience; revisiting and releasing. Unconscious belief system affected this woman spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. After releasing these experiences, her posture and attitude changed.  She is more self-loving.  Most of all, she does not feel bad when she thinks about her past. It is part of her history, but it is not a painful experience, anymore.  She realized that her breasts are normal and not a negative thing.  She also feels that she is important and does experience love and support instead of holding unto abandonment.  What’s important is that she is liberated from false beliefs about herself.  She is living a productive life and pursuing things for herself.

Conscious Inner Journey

The journey I took receiving holistic energy work was a conscious choice in which I sought out help.  I was drawn to it and felt that this is what I needed.  It also involved delving into territories in which I was uncomfortable with at times.  I did not always know what would come up while others worked on me.  However, I was conscious and aware of every emotion and memory surfacing during the sessions.  I have been blessed to have several great holistic practitioners work on me in my lifetime.


The journey does sometimes involve revisiting memories of grief, loss, and trauma.  But this journey is also about realizing what belief systems we hold against ourselves which is not true.  It helped me to release each experience one at a time, which manifested healing within my heart.  Therefore, my spirit and body as a whole reaped the benefits of feeling well.  Feeling well means not thinking about being afraid.  Not feeling bad about your body.  Feeling well in your mind is vital.  Self-love really is a key.  Self-love means reaching out for support and taking that conscious inner journey.

Push and Pull of Energy

When we communicate with others, we form a connection and energy is exchanged. When you are in a good relationship with someone you trust, you literally exchange energy which is harmonious.  When your mood changes, it is reflected in your aura or energy field.  Most people do not see the aura; however, people can sense strong energy when walking into a house in which an argument has just occurred.  They are quiet, but you intuitively pick it up. Sounds familiar?


Here is a scenario in which two people are in a discussion.  One is interrogating someone.  This energy does not feel pleasant and is intimidating. The intimidated person is likely to withdraw and stop speaking.

Another scenario in which a person pulls energy from others.  When this happens, this person is feeling full of energy while leaving the other person drained and tired. This is not a healthy exchange of energy, either.  This happens often, the person pulling the energy has low energy in their aura, therefore, drawing upon another to feel better.  If you feel that your energy is zapped around a certain person, then take notice.  Place your hands over your solar plexus to keep your energy in place.  Turning sideways can also help to deflect direct pulling of your energy.  I also suggest evaluating your relationship.  Perhaps, the person drawing the energy is playing the poor me or victim card.


Have you ever seen Care Bears?   I loved watching them project the ‘Care Bear Stare’ from their solar plexuses.  This is to bring awareness to you that energetic and heart connections are established in relationships.  If you have a healthy relationship, then you experience more harmony and self-confidence.

Healing Vibrational Energy Flow in measurements

Here are some interesting facts discovered by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology.  He was able to measure the frequency of vibration in human bodies.  He states that the average level of Megahertz, (MHZ) in the human body is 62 – 70 MHZ.  This is considered a normal and healthy range.  He found that 58 MHZ indicates the immune system is low and the body is susceptible to diseases.


What is also very interesting is that it has been found that when a healer is working with a person’s energy field, it has been measured to be higher than 70 MHZ.  This was stated by Barbara Ann Brennan, author of “Hands of Light”.  She is well known for starting her own school of healing.  Now her school offers a degree in science and healing.


A good and legitimate healer is very capable of increasing his/her vibrations which benefits the client.  This promotes clearing, balancing and recharging the energy field.

So, what is your frequency level?


Flower Garden Meditation Retreat

Meditating and going within to find a space of inner peace is a skill that takes practice.  If you are looking for a visualization meditation that involves flowers in your inner sanctuary, then I suggest trying this.  Before I share what, I have done from time to time, I want you to understand that we ALL get distracted during meditation.  When this happens and you become aware, just bring your focus back to your meditation travel.  Do this with self-love.  NO chiding or getting irritated with yourself.  Here is a tip on recalling and visualizing. Use your memory and bring up an image of a stuff toy you had as a child.  What color was it? Can you recall the details of this stuffed toy?  Can you recall the poster on your bedroom wall?  Can you pull up an image of a figurine or sports trophy you achieved?  In this case, recall flowers and plants that are appealing to you.


Wear comfortable clothes

Sit or lay down – I prefer sitting with palms on my upper thighs

NO rules on breath and breathing – But do take some meaningful, deep breaths

Allow yourself to move, flex, and stretch (This allows me to release tension)

Think of your own flowers or someone else’s flowers

It can be a day lily, roses, clematis, or coreopsis

Feel and see the green grass beneath your feet

Surround yourself with beautiful nature

If stuck on visualizing, just gently let it go

try another image or just focus on feeling and/or smelling a flower

Be among nature and commune with these gorgeous flowers

Look around, see different colors, textures, and shapes

Allow tranquility to fill your space

Enjoy an occasional butterfly or humming bird – notice the colors

Allow your heart to open and receive healing


Laughter REALLY is the Best Medicine!

Do you recall the section titled, ‘Laughter’s the Best Medicine’ in the Reader’s Digest magazine?  As a teenager, I enjoyed reading the Reader’s Digest.  In fact, my siblings and I rush to see who can grab it first from the mail pile.


Reading something funny or humorous brings joy.  Being around people with humor and laughter is also very infectious.  This can dissipate negative feelings so that you feel buoyant and energized.    Have you ever been around someone who is in a negative or bad mood?  Does this stress or bring you down?  If you find yourself around negative people a lot, it’s time to get yourself involved with people who think more positively, enjoy life and have more passion.  In fact, you can also use humor and bring joy to others.

Steps to Creating Time For Yourself

Do you find time slipping away keeping busy with work, chores, family, etc.  Are you dissatisfied and critical with yourself when you put off doing something fulfilling?  Here are some simple visualization techniques to try.


  1. Make a list.
  2. Post it where you can see it.
  3. Think of your current schedule.
  4. Visualize your current calendar changing. You can shred it, blow it up, watch it disappear.
  5. Now, visualize a new calendar in which it is not completely filled in. You have created space.
  6. Watch it manifest in your daily life.


Do this every time you feel that you are putting your goals off.


We all have responsibilities and it is important to do the best we can.  However, if you always do for others and deny yourself, then it is up to you to create a space and time to do something fulfilling.


Creating an Energy Ball!

So, you wonder, what in the world is an energy ball?  It’s something that you can create between your hands.  This is bringing awareness to the fact that you are energy and can work with energy to promote health and wellness.   You sit or lie down in a comfortable position.  Positions your hands with palms facing each other on your lap or belly.  Whatever is comfortable for you.  Just relax.  Know that your hands have small chakras and that with just your intention you can increase the energy flow through your hand chakras.  It is not supposed to be difficult.  So, if you feel that you are straining or pushing to do this, then I suggest thinking of something positive. You can start by visualizing holding a ball.  You then can visualize a color.  I like creating a yellow or white glowing ball of energy.  However, any of the chakra colors are good.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and white.  If you struggle with visualizing, just focus on sensations.  You may see it with your third eye.  If you don’t, that is okay.  Have faith in your own natural ability and just focus gently on creating this ball of energy and it growing stronger.  It’s a wonderful sensation of energy.  You can place this ball of energy anywhere on your body.  Try placing it on your crown chakra, on top of your head.  You may be aware of subtle energy movement.  This is one of the techniques I use on people directly or in distant healing. This is about clearing and balancing you.   Children find this enlightening and fun while it brings about healing in their hearts and mind.  Go create your energy ball and have fun!

What Is My Job?

My job as a holistic healer is working with your spirit and your body as a whole.  This includes treating your mind and heart.  Every person I work on has different issues regarding their health.  Can I tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow?  Probably not.  Can I tell you what lottery tickets to buy?  Of course not.


Taking you through this process involves listening to you as well as tuning into your energy field.  Be ready to get grounded which means I connect you to Mother Earth through your root chakra.  This process involves asking our spirit guides to assist in this process.  During the session, I scan and observe your energy field.  Images and information come to me in simple ways.  My job is to help you feel safe emotionally in your heart space to bring about what needs to be worked on.

Healing Benefits I Received

Years ago, I sought out a holistic practitioner who received training and certification in her field.  I struggled spiritually, coping with physical, mental, and emotional feelings.  This alternative approach appealed to me.  Although, I had doubts about it and almost canceled.  my first session was profound.  Laying on the table while she worked on my aura and chakras.  I was fully aware of energy movement on and around my body.  She also referred me to get medical help from a Naturopathy Doctor (ND) and a dentist.  Which I did.  It brought about a realization of health conditions which were treated.


My second session was interesting.  After the second session, I went home.  I realized I just got my menstrual cycle.  It had been irregular for about 14 years.  But here’s what is so amazing. My cycle balanced out from that day on.  It was consistent and I could keep track of it.  It took several months of regular menstrual cycles for me to realize the impact of receiving alternative holistic energy work.  Writing about this, brings tears to my eyes.  Tears of joy. This is why I am now a holistic practitioner using Cranial Sacral and Reiki Therapy.  This is where I can pass on to whomever seeks out my service.

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