Q. Is this a massage?
A. NO, it is not a body massage of any kind.

Q. Do I have to take my clothes off?
A. Absolutely not. However, you can wear comfortable clothes and take your shoes off.

Q. I have trouble laying on my back, can I lay on my stomach?
A. Yes, you can. Please let me know your accommodation requests.

Q. What is CranioSacral?
A. A form of therapeutic holistic energy session in which I connect with you to help you release energy that blocks or prohibits your own spiritual vitality.

Q. Can I receive CranioSacral and/or Reiki Therapy instead of seeking medical advice from a doctor?
A. I do not recommend this. However, I recommend using CranioSacral and/or Reiki Therapy to compliment or supplement the medical model.

Q. Can you cure my disease or illness?
A. I cannot diagnose and tell you that I can cure you. However, I have seen some people regain health and wellness because they sought out CranioSacral and/or Reiki Therapy.

Q. Can you help me through distant or remote sessions?
A. Yes, it is effective. Our training included distant healing.

Q. What is the difference between CranioSacral and Reiki?
A. Cranio uses a shamanic approach connecting with your skeletal structure and cranial waves. Reiki works with your aura and chakra points.

Q. What is a miasm?
A. Miasm is another word for a low level enety that impact a person’s daily life preventing growth, health and wellness. It is similar to doing an exorcism.

Q. How do I know if I have a miasm affecting me?
A. Send an email and request a 15 minute free consultation to discuss if CranioSacral Therapy is right for you.

Q. I am unhappy and stuck in my current situation. Can you help?
A. I believe that I can help you to find your strength, and put you in a position in which you can find clarity and make decisions to move forward into a more fulfilling life.

Q. Are you a life coach?
A. You can think of me as a holistic life coach working within your spiritual core by creating a space of healing.

Q. Are you a medium?
A. Yes. During the process of energy work, spirits on the other side drop in. This happens frequently. I cannot guarantee this happens with everyone I work on.

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