Laughter REALLY is the Best Medicine!

Do you recall the section titled, ‘Laughter’s the Best Medicine’ in the Reader’s Digest magazine?  As a teenager, I enjoyed reading the Reader’s Digest.  In fact, my siblings and I rush to see who can grab it first from the mail pile.


Reading something funny or humorous brings joy.  Being around people with humor and laughter is also very infectious.  This can dissipate negative feelings so that you feel buoyant and energized.    Have you ever been around someone who is in a negative or bad mood?  Does this stress or bring you down?  If you find yourself around negative people a lot, it’s time to get yourself involved with people who think more positively, enjoy life and have more passion.  In fact, you can also use humor and bring joy to others.

Published by Kim

I am an ordained minister certified as a Cranial Sacral Therapist and Reiki Master.

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