Tell Her She Will Be Okay

Some years ago, I remember doing a group reading of an individual during clairvoyant training.  Part of the process is practicing meditation and reading pictures.  

One Saturday morning, I was with two other class mates.  We each took turns describing the images we saw with our third eye.   A woman came in for this session.  I recall seeing images of medical equipment.  I then saw a man to my left.  He walked to the other side of the room and stood next to the woman we are providing a reading for.  He spoke and I heard clearly these words. “Tell her she will be okay and that she will not be alone.”  I did describe the images of medical equipment and also relayed the message.  She later told us that she has breast cancer and will be seeking treatment for it.

I was sad, but I felt that a higher spirit has stepped in and asked me to relay a message of comfort and support to this woman.  I was in awe of this and am grateful to have had this experience. 

Published by Kim

I am an ordained minister certified as a Cranial Sacral Therapist and Reiki Master.

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